Learning in 4D: The Augmented Reality Classroom

Description: Do you want your subject to jump off the page and engage students in 4D? Augmented Reality is the answer. We will look at AR, where to find various resources for computer and tablet, how to integrate the technology into your classroom and school, and how to create resources that will engage your students, faculty, and parents in exciting ways. Your classroom will come alive, parents will feel more connected, and students will love the creative possibilities that will be available to them.

Outline: Introduction - 30 min AR Demonstrations and practice- 45 min Presentation of how to create AR - 45 min Participant creation of AR - 90 min Sharing creations and Q&A - 30 min

Presentation Materials:
Suggested Audience: Classroom Teachers
Grade Level: Pre-K to 16
Format: Hands-on/BYOD
Platform: Windows Laptop
Location: Ballroom A