SLO Presentation Resources

Find Resources from Day 1 including the SLO Checklist and SLO Guide

SLO Todd County Handouts, May 8, 2015

Google Search Tool

Google Search Infographic

Sample SLOs from Other States

SLO Search Tool (GLT Center, all content areas/grade bands)

Social Studies sample SLOs (Ohio)
Social Studies Grade 2 (Connecticut)
Social Studies Grade 5 (Connecticut)
Social Studies Grades 6-8 (Connecticut)
Ohio sample SLOs
Connecticut sample SLOs
Connecticut Administrator SLO samples
There are sample SLOs in the SLO Livebinder

Evolving Sample

-An evolution of an SLO

Standards Resources

Common Core State Standards
SD Content Standards
Disaggregated Standards and blueprints

Assessment Resources

Intel Assessment
Smarter Balanced Assessment
NAEP Questions

Formative Assessment Strategies

Tools for Formative Assessment
53 Ways to Check for Understanding
56 Different Examples of Formative Assessment
The Qualitative Formative Assessment

Using Higher Level Questioning

SDDOE Webb Levels of Expectation
This handout gives you suggestions on what questions to ask for each Webb Level. Consider using this when you are creating or revising an assessment.

Rubric Making Tools

Rubric Making Tools - 5 examples of creating your own rubric
Intel - Example of product and performance understanding and rubric
SBAC Math & ELA - sample performance tasks rubrics