"ClassFlow is an interactive lesson delivery system that increases the depth of student and teacher engagement by providing the collaborative use of classroom devices, digital curriculum and assessments for learning. ClassFlow has components for teachers and students."

The purpose of this session:
  • To give teachers an introduction to the ClassFlow Software
  • Provide teachers with new tools to use with their Prometheon boards and Software
  • Learn how to import ActivInspire flipcharts into ClassFlow
  • Learn how to create polls and assessments in ClassFlow
  • Learn how to import webpages into ClassFlow
  • Practice creating lessons and tools in ClassFlow

Teacher Login
ClassFlow Desktop

How to Create a Lesson
How to Send Cards and Assessments
Migrating from ActivInspire to ClassFlow Desktop
Using the ClassFlow PowerPoint Plug-In
Creating Classroom Assessments for Beginners
Creating ClassFlow Lessons for Beginners
Getting Started With ClassFlow September 2017
The New Activity Feed September 2017
What's New in ClassFlow August 2017

ClassFlow YouTube Site

Update Article: Prometheon Continues to Support ActivInspire


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