DAY TWO - 5 Practices

  • Understand the 5 practice of productive mathematical discourse and how they apply to a math lesson
  • Know the Characteristics of Rich Mathematical Tasks and be able to rate tasks for their level of cognitive demand
  • Begin reading Intentional Talk
Introduction and Chapter 1
Selecting Appropriate Tasks
1. Read Ch. 2, pp. 13-17
  • Discuss how teachers are developing and sharing goals in their own classrooms. (Active Engagement question 2.1)
  • (Active Engagement 2.2) Consider a lesson that you have recently taught, in which the learning goal was not explicit. Share what you did to write a more explicit goal. What did you learn from it?
  • Compare Tasks 1 (p14) – What makes them different? Which has a higher cognitive demand?
  • Compare Tasks 2 (p17)- What makes them different? Which has a higher cognitive demand?
  • Refer to p16 for the level of demand (Task Analysis Guide)
2. Read Ch. 2, pp. 17-20
  • Individually solve the Tiling a Patio p19
  • Record the various strategies as teachers are presenting
  • How and where does it meet the criteria of the level of demands on p.16?
3. Complete reading of pp. 18-20 and respond to Chapter 2 Questions.

Characteristics of Rich Tasks
1. Read through the Characteristics of Rich Tasks
2. Revisit the Tiling a Patio problem
3. Selecting Task Samples - Determine the level of demand (based on the four areas) of each task.
4. “Find the Quotients” problems - Does it meet the characteristics?

Hot Under the Collar
1. Individually do the problem. Share your solution in your group.
2. Watch the video of a group of teachers solving the problem.
  • How are what they are doing leading them to an understanding of the 5 Practices.
2. Example of a Rich Mathematical Task- Bubble Wrap Task
  • Rate the task using the rating sheet
3. Looking at Rich Mathematical Tasks on the SDC Leadership symbaloo page
4. Intentional Talk - Read Intro and Chapter 1
  • Refer back to Instructional template for Talk Moves
  • Read Why Use Talk in Mathematics Classrooms
Additional Handouts

Characteristics of a Rich Mathematical Task
Rating Sheet
Levels of Cognitive demand
5 Practices Sequencing Sheet

Day Two Homework
Read assigned chapter of Intentional Talk
Create a lesson (or task) that you and your group will share with the whole group about your Targeted Discussion. Your lesson/task should include:
• A summary of what the targeted discussion is
• Find a math task from today that would support your discussion topic
• Walk us through what the task and targeted discussion would look like in the classroom