Symbaloo- Your Personal Internet Desktop Indepth
Where to go to Symbaloo if you have questions

PART 1: Introduction - Getting started with Symbaloo/Create Account
(Row #1- Introduction)
  • What is Symbaloo?
  • Creating an Account
  • Logging In
  • 1. Sign up and access educator resources
  • 2. Once you have created your account, you will log in to your account at

PART 2: Learning to use Tiles and Webmixes
  • View an EXAMPLE
  • Create a PRACTICE Webmix
  • Create, Move, Delete Tiles
  • Create a PROFESSIONAL Webmix
  • Share your PROFESSIONAL Webmix

Activity 1- View an example of a Webmix

Activity 2 -Create a PRACTICE Webmix (Row #2 Webmixes)
Create a Webmix and personalize it

Share your Webmix-Practice.
Watch this video video explaining sharing on Symbaloo

Activity 3 - Create, Move, Delete Tiles (Row #3 Tiles)
Find a Public Tile or Create a Tile
Personalize the Tile
Move a Tile and if you don't like it, remove it

Activity 4 - Create a PROFESSIONAL Webmix
Add these 5 tiles to your Webmix

1. Online training page for Symbaloo
2. Symbaloo's certification page for videos
3. Common Core State Standards
4. TIE Homepage
5. TIE Conference 2014

Add at least five more websites that you may use on a regular basis to this page. Examples:
  • your school or district website
  • your school email, your personal email
  • your wikipage, webpage
  • link to access your email: google, hotmail, yahoo
  • your google drive account

Share your Webmix with someone. Click on the share button.


Choose Privately, copy the URL, and click Share my Webmix:



TIP: Deleting Webmixes
If you delete your Webmix you cannot get it back. Make sure you really want to delete it.

TIP: Want to add extra space or delete some space? Click on Edit. Click on the arrows that are to the left, right and bottom of the tiles to expand or delete rows over or down.

PART 3: Adding More Content from the Gallery
  • Automatically added Webmixes
  • Search for specific shared Webmixes from the Gallery
  • Browse the Gallery and add more Webmixes

Activity 1 -
Symbaloo automatically adds Webmixes that they think will be helpful to you. They are easy to delete if you don’t want them, but check out the resources they offer first (some are pretty good). These are the locked Webmixes.

Activity 2 - Add an already created Webmix from the Gallery
Add one or more of these Webmixes.
  • Tuesday Tutorial
  • Thursday Did You Know
  • Questioning and Assessing
  • Education Content Experts
  • Go To Sites

Activity 2 - Browse the Gallery and add 2-3 more Webmixes

TIP: Making a locked Gallery your own. Click on the locked Webmix. Click on Share. Click stop updates. Now the Webmix is unlocked. (You will still have the locked one in your Gallery.

PART 4: Creating More Webmixes
  • Create a CLASSROOM-BASED Webmix
  • Create an RSS feed Webmix

Activity 1 - Create a CLASSROOM-BASED Webmix
Create a classroom-based Webmix with websites you would direct students to. Alternatively, create a Webmix for a group of colleagues with sites all could use for their work. Add 5-10 tiles to your Webmix.

Practice sharing your classroom Webmix with someone.

Activity 2 - Create an RSS feed Webmix
21 Must Read RSS feeds

TIP: Change the Search Engine box
Did you know that you can put an RSS feed or another search engine in the Google Search Box?

TIP: Webmix Size
If you are working with a Webmix that has only a few links, under the Webmix options you can choose to change the size of the Webmix matrix.

PART 5: Creating Embedded Tiles -Adding More Content
  • Examples of Embedded Tiles
  • Add a video tile to a Webmix
  • Add a document tile
  • Add a Webmix tile

Activity 1 -Examples of Embedded tiles
View and explore the Dolphin Webmix -Examples of ways to embed tiles

Activity 2- Add a video tile to a Webmix
Teaching Channel

Activity 3- Add a document tile
Add a tile for your Google Drive
Add a Word document, spreadsheet
Add a Google Doc

Activity 4- Add a Webmix tile
Keep organized and create a Webmix for your Webmixes

TIP: You can hide the tabs on your Symbaloo. Click on the tab name. Click on the x to the right of the name. This hides your webmix, but does not delete it. You can still find it in the gallery.

PART 6: Classroom uses
11 ways to Use Symbaloo in the Classroom
Do You Symbaloo?

PART 7: Extras, Nice to Have (Row #1 Nice to Know)
  • How to Change the Center Box
  • Adding a Symbaloo BookMarker
  • How to make a Place holder Tile
  • How to Embed your Webmix in your WikiSpace

Activity 1 Changing the Search Engine (Row #5 Nice to Know)

Activity 2 Adding a Symbaloo Bookmarker

Activity 3 How to Make a Place holder Tile
  • Go to Gallery and search: Blank Numbers
  • Use these tiles as place holders. You can edit the tiles,

Activity 4 (Row #4 Embedded)How to embed your webmix on your webpage, wikispace

PART 8: Stay up to date with Symbaloo

  1. Get Symbaloo Certified
  2. Take the self-paced course through TIE Membership
  3. Like Symbaloo on Facebook
  4. Add these webmixes to your gallery:
  • Tuesday Tutorial
  • Thursday did you know

Kim Clark
K. Bailey Kowalski